Social media has over the years proven that it is an unavoidable investment for businesses. As Canadian firms continue to appreciate the importance of this technology and its relevance to their business growth plans, there are some trends worth noting. These developments help inform where social media marketing is headed and what you can do to ensure you are well-aligned with these changes.

Here is a detailed look at the future of social media marketing in Canada.

Video content will continue to gain traction

Human beings are more visual, which explains why the demand for video content will likely continue increasing. If you have been creating text-based marketing content, you may want to start rethinking your strategy. If you are to go by existing facts, the Canadian market has proven that its demand for video content is insatiable.

As you look into creating video-based content, you should also remember that the length of your videos matter. Research shows that social media users have the lowest concentration span. Thus, short clips with important marketing message proves more valuable than long, pointless videos.

Influencer marketing will not stop any time soon

Social media influencers have continued to inform many marketing approaches in Canada, and that is a trend that is sure to go on for a while. As we look into the future of social media marketing, influencers position themselves as central figures in how content on the platforms is distributed. They will continue to use their popularity to help businesses push products through the market.
Social media influencers are part of a massive industry that pushes forth the growth of marketing, retail, entertainment, and more. Their relevance in the industry is cemented in the sense that they offer higher engagement rates.

Social media as a platform for customer service
Brands understand that their customers are on social media pages. They also recognize that whatever these customers post about their quality of service can either grow or bring down the business. That is why they are keen to immediately address user questions and concerns raised via social media.
If you’ve been keenly following what’s going on throughout Canadian social media networks, you may have noticed a trend where businesses get tagged on different customer posts. Any firm that ignores the concerns raised by its customers taints its image. Leading brands have support pages where customers can quickly reach the business and get one-on-one assistance via existing messaging features on the platform. This is something that we are sure to see proceed into the future of social media marketing.

Social commerce will become mainstream

Canadian retail sector has been one of the quickest adopters of social commerce. Social commerce is the brilliant introduction of e-commerce into social media. In other words, it entails selling products directly via social media.

Social commerce is the new future as far as social media marketing is concerned. The continued enhancement of this feature on social media platforms promises to enhance the entire shopping experience.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the three platforms that currently support social commerce. This is something that is sure to evolve into the future.

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