Every business understand that they need to have a rich email list that empowers them to contact their customers quickly. Whether you are focused on social media marketing or other digital marketing strategies, an email list is a valuable resource for the organization. You can implement a wide range of strategies to help grow your email list. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Grow email list through Instagram

Instagram is one of the most versatile social media sites that you can leverage to grow your email list. The platform offers you with different unique features that you can explore for the benefit of your business.

You may want to begin at the bio where you entice people to sign-up. Your bio must be written in an encouraging language that is more conversational and invites as many signups as you can get.
Instagram Stories are another element you do not want to miss on as far as boosting your email list is concerned. You can add the Swipe Up feature which would redirect people to a page fill their email details.

Additionally, do not forget to add a free download incentive. Provide an impossible-to-resist download offer so as to attract people to share their email addresses.

2. Grow email list through Facebook

Similar to Instagram, Facebook also serves a powerful platform for growing your email list. The bottom line to achieving success with Facebook in this regard is to make sure you have a lead magnet. This could be anything from e-book, pdf document, checklist, or worksheet.

With the lead magnet ready, you need to setup a landing page where you will send all your Facebook traffic. This could be a form, WordPress sign up page, or even a one-page website created in any other platform.

Run Facebook Ads, one of the most effective ways to grow traffic via the platform. Do not just rush into purchasing as many ads as you can. You need to have prior advertising experience for you to create a successful ad on Facebook.

3. How-to videos

Video marketing, when done correctly, can help tremendously grow your email list. You can approach this from two different perspectives: (1) One-off videos for your marketing campaign or (2) A series of trackable videos.

If your brand is mainly focused on delivering a service, how-to videos would work great for you. You can take that as an opportunity to communicate viable information that could prove helpful to your market.
Remember that research shows digital content users have minimal concentration spans. Thus, you may want to break your video content to bite-size pieces. Post these videos across your social media channels to reach your target audience.

As the video comes to an end, always remember to include an invitation to sign up for a service. Even though not everyone may sign up, your email list would start growing the more you generate additional captivating content.

4. Referral program

Your current customers can serve as a great extension to your marketing efforts. More people are likely to sign-up to your email list because they heard about it from a family member or friend.
Consider creating a referral program with the aim of growing the email list. Do not forget to look into whether influencer marketing can work for you.

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